Capabilities Overview – Product Lifecycle Management

CERTES GROUP provides Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consulting services to start-up, growth, and transitional companies producing software intensive products and services. We assist clients in all aspects of managing their products/services, from the initial identification of a customer need until that need is satisfied in the marketplace, to ensure technical, marketing and financial objectives are met.

Increasing competition creates organizational stress in satisfying the requirements of customers and investors. Too often organizations respond simply by working harder and are surprised when their hard work does not get the desired results. Hard work alone can’t get the job done – it must be appropriately and smartly applied by adopting and embracing a flexible PLM process, which makes it clear to every stake holder what is expected of them in each phase of the process as it guides technology to components, components to products, and products to a successful business. A PLM process does not evolve naturally because it requires a company wide understanding of the process and participation in it. Increased partnering and joint developments further complicate the problem as different, geographically distributed cultures must work toward a common goal.

If the execution of your business plans is falling short of goals we can help you. Real-world experiences in a wide variety of corporate settings and markets have taught us a lot about what it takes to produce successful products/services and businesses. Broad, in depth management experiences in operations, marketing, and technology provide us a company-wide view to manage all phases of the PLM process - from idea through feasibility, product development, introduction/distribution, and maintenance/support. Complementary hands-on experiences allow us to zoom in on the details and ask the right questions, of the right people, at the right time - whether they are in technology, marketing, sales, or operations.

Our global, top management perspective allows us to work with personnel at any level of your organization, in any functional area to review your current needs, develop programs to meet those needs, implement them in pilot tests, and guide them through general deployment. Participating as advisors, facilitators, mentors, or hands-on managers, we bring high standards and integrity to your business programs whether in formulating new ones or revitalizing old ones. We emphasize bottom line results by applying very pragmatic approaches to the real execution issues you are experiencing. Your problems are unique and they require tailored solutions, not theoretical one-size fits all solutions. We are dedicated to your success, the success of your staff, and your self-sufficiency.